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Principles of Management

Natural Science Course Structure


Biological science is the study of living organisms.

  • Origin and evolution of life, classification of organisms (10%)
  • Cell organization, cell division, chemical nature of the gene, bioenergetics, biosynthesis (10%)
  • Structure, function, and development in organisms; patterns of heredity (20%)
  • Concepts of population biology with emphasis on ecology (10%)


Physical science is the study of the nature and properties of energy and nonliving matter.

  • Atomic and nuclear structure and properties, elementary particles, nuclear reactions ( 7%)
  • Chemical elements, compounds, and reactions, molecular structure and bonding (10%)
  • Heat, thermodynamics, and states of matter; classical mechanics; relativity (12%)
  • Electricity and magnetism, waves, light, and sound ( 4%)
  • The universe: galaxies, stars, the solar system ( 7%)
  • The Earth: atmosphere, hydrosphere, structure features, geologic processes, and history ( 10%)